46.  St Swithin, Bishop of Winchester (852-862) blessing his Cathedral which is shown at his feet. Below are the arms of the See of Winchester.

Maker: John Hardman, 1953. The original glass by Kempe, destroyed in WWII, was replaced by this copy.

Given by J.F. Field in honour of St Swithin and in memory of his father Charles Dyer Field, 1815-1881.

(c) Southwark Cathedral

47.  The Creation Window : The three light Creation window was designed and made in Pre-Raphaelite style by Henry Holiday in 1903.

In the upper part of the centre light Christ is shown enthroned as Creator Mundi, Creator of the World; on either side of him are adoring angels and the words ‘Let the heavens rejoice and let the earth be glad’.

Across the window are represented the Six Days of Creation, a scene for each day in a red-ringed roundel, interspersed with sinuous figures illustrating the ‘Benedicite’.  At the base of the centre light are the three Holy Children, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who emerged unscathed from King Nebuchadnezzar’s furnace into which they had been thrown for refusing to worship the King’s golden idol.

 In the side lights are David, Deborah and Miriam, noted for their hymns of praise, and Moses, historian of the Creation.

An inscription at the base of the centre reads ‘O All Ye Works of the Lord, Bless Ye the Lord’, the first phrase of the ‘Benedicite’, which was often sung at morning service in the 19th century.

Maker: Henry Holiday, 1903. The artist was 64 when he made this window in his studio in Hampstead. Some of the designs are copies of Holiday’s major work for the seven chancel windows in Grace Church, Utica, New York. Much of the visual material was used to illustrate his book ‘Stained Glass as an Art’.

Given by H.T.Withers in memory of his parents and a brother.

(c) Southwark Cathedral