KS2 Trails

Exploring Christian Symbols: discover the symbolic features of the building with an emphais on the symbolism of baptism and the Eucharist. Learn about the significance of different Christian symbols including light, water, the cross and the dove and their significance in Christian life, worship and ceremonies. 

Linked hands-on workshops: Puppets, Candle-making, Clay tiles.

Monks and Monarchs: travel back in time to Southwark Cathedral's monastic past. Learn how our Augustinian Friars lived and served the community. Role-play historical figures during the turbulent reign of King Henry VIII.

Linked hands-on workshops: Monastic Herbs and Healing, Candle-making.

Pilgrimage and journeys: discover the historical connection between Southwark and the Canterbury pilgrims and the significance of pilgrimage for different religions today.  Become one of Chaucer's pilgrims on pilgrimage to Thomas Becket's shrine and explore our beautiful Cathedral along the way.

Linked hands-on workshop: Pilgrim Clay Souvenirs

Religion in Roman Britain: an interactive session exploring what and how the Celts and Romans worshipped as well as the rise of Christianity in Britain and Europe 250 years later. The session includes dressing up, making headdresses and a sandbox dig. Your group will also learn about the Roman artefacts discovered in our site during archeological work 40 years ago.

Linked hands-on workshop: Making Mosaics

KS2 Hands-on workshops

Candle-making: after an introduction to the significance of light and candles across different world religions, students make their own bees wax candle and clay candle-holder.

Clay tiles/Clay Souvenirs: students work with clay to make either a clay tile linking to Christian Symbols or a clay pilgrim souvenir which connects with the content of our Pilgrimage and Journeys trail. This is a relaxing, creative session which also teaches students some basic clay working skills. 

Puppets: a creative session in which every student makes their own animal puppet. It connects with our Exploring Christian Signs and Symbols session. You can choose to make doves or a fish that can be used for roleplay, drama and creative play back at school. 

Making Mosaics:  you can book either i) an Art and Design session in which students design and make their own mosaic, or ii) a maths and pattern-based session in which students learn how to follow a coded key to create small mosaic tiles that contribute to a larger piece.

Monastic Herbs and Healing (May-Sept): dicover the role of plants in monastic life for medicine and healing. Students explore medicinal plants in our monastic herb garden as well as mixing dried herbs to make a well-being herb bag to take away.