On this page you will find a selection of the sermons preached at Southwark Cathedral by clergy from the Cathedral, Diocese of Southwark and further afield

Included with the transcripts are podcasts of the sermon which can also be found on the Soundcloud website here

Copies of the last four Sundays Notice Sheets are also available to download.

Second Sunday Before Advent - 9am & Choral Eucharist 2018

I often find, when reading the Bible, that little phrases jump out at me as being highly pertinent, whether or not they are in the context of the passage. Here is one that has struck me for today: ‘There shall be a time of anguish, such as has never occurred since the nations first came into being.’

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Simon and Jude - 9am & Choral Eucharist

If I had not got up this morning only in the nick of time to get here for my first service at 8.30 am, I would have completely rewritten my sermon in the light of the news from yesterday of the attack in Pittsburgh on a Jewish Synagogue in Squirrel Hill which left 11 people dead, numerous people injured and a community in utter shock and, I would imagine, immense fear.

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Harvest - Choral Evensong

I suspect I’m not the only person here who remembers the debates about Sunday trading in the run up to allowing shops to open on Sundays in 1994.

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