The English Choral Tradition is renowned throughout the world and is maintained in Cathedrals, College Chapels and larger parish churches

Many of the Cathedrals in England were monastic foundations prior to the Reformation. The Choir enriches the offering of worship day in and day out (the Opus Dei) both in the Office and the Eucharist. The Opus Dei was at the heart of the life of those communities and has continued in our Cathedral churches.

At Southwark the Choir sings each day except on Wednesday and Saturday, when we are often joined by visiting choirs. In addition the Choir sings at special services - memorial services, the consecration of Bishops, national events and local commemorations.

The Choir and the music staff also take seriously their responsibility in promoting and encouraging music in churches throughout the Diocese of Southwark.

If you would like to know more about Cathedral Music we recommend you visit the Friends of Cathedral Music website here, an organisation who raise awareness and appreciation of Cathedral Music throughout the UK.