On this page you will find a selection of the sermons preached at Southwark Cathedral by clergy from the Cathedral, Diocese of Southwark and further afield

Included with the transcripts are podcasts of the sermon which can also be found on the undefinedwebsite here

Copies of the last four Sundays Notice Sheets are also available to download.

Third Sunday of Epiphany - Choral Eucharist

London Bridge, and Southwark Cathedral next to it, has become one of those places which - especially from farther away - has joined the litany of places associated with tragedy. Like Hungerford, Hillsborough, Dunblane, Bataclan, Kigali, the world trade centre, Dresden … and Coventry, it is a place which has life pouring through it every day, but one day, two days - a period of time - in particular stands out in memory as a defining moment

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First Sunday of Christmas - Choral Eucharist

Woolworths, British Home Stores, Debenhams, the list is endless of those famous names that’ve disappeared from our high streets over the last few years, the places that we thought would always be there, the shops we thought we could never do without

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