Stuart Saturday: Great Ladies of the Civil Wars and Restoration

Heritage Talk

Join us for a day of talks by four experts on women from the Stuart period.

Southwark Cathedral is delighted to welcome acclaimed historians Leanda de Lisle, Jessie Childs, Miranda Malins and Linda Porter for a day of talks looking at women of the Stuart period. The full programme for the day can be found below. 

This event will be in person only. 

Programme for the day:

10.30am - Leanda de Lisle on Henrietta Maria: the extraordinary queen behind the black legend

Leanda de Lisle is the best-selling author of Tudor and Stuart history, praised for meticulous research and strong narratives. Her books include, ‘After Elizabeth’, ‘The Sisters Who Would Be Queen’ and ‘White King’, an award-winning biography of Charles I. Her latest book is a revisionist life of Queen Henrietta Maria.

11.30am - Jessie Childs on The Siege of Loyalty House

Jessie Childs is an award-winning author, broadcaster and historian of the Tudor and Stuart periods. She will talk about the heroic defence of Basing House, a key royalist stronghold. It was defended for more than two years by a determined group of men and women, especially, Honora, marquess of Winchester, one of the great ladies of the Civil Wars.

12.30pm - Lunch Break

2pm - Miranda Malins on Cromwell’s Daughters: the forgotten Puritan Princesses

Miranda is a historian and author specialising in Oliver Cromwell, his family and the interregnum between the death of Charles I in 1649 and the Restoration of the Stuarts in 1660. She has written two highly acclaimed historical novels about Cromwell’s daughters, Bridget and Frances. The women of the Cromwell family lived through extraordinary times but have been largely overlooked by history, until now. Miranda is co-host of the new podcast 1666 and all that.

3pm - Linda Porter on Charles II’s mistresses

Linda Porter is the author of five books on the Tudors and Stuarts, including biogaphies of Mary I, Katherine Parr and a narrative history of the rivalry between the Tudors and the Stuarts. Her most recent book is ‘Mistresses: sex and scandal at the court of Charles II’. It was a BBC Radio 4 book of the week in 2021. She has appeared on various TV programmes and podcasts.

4pm - Panel discussion

Join our speakers for the conclusion of this event as they discuss the subjects raised throughout the day and take questions from the audience.

5pm - End