Language with Altitude | Book Launch with Paddy Gormley


Language with Altitude is a practical guide to reason, rhetoric, rhythm and rhyme, enabling you to channel the primeval power of language and write richly evocative words that capture readers’ attention, stir imagination and raise spirits. Language with altitude is not just for poets. It’s for everyone who needs to deliver engaging and compelling text: politicians, presenters, playwrights, performers, persuaders, professors, prose writers, philanderers, philosophers, philanthropists, prelates, priests … people in every walk of life.

Discover simple, powerful metaphors for the imagination;

Appreciate how words cause listeners to evoke memories and to construct realistic images in the mind’s eye;

Understand how memory is based on the recognition of patterns from infant days;

Put these concepts into practice not only in compelling stories, poetry and comic verse, but also inspirational speeches and business reports;

Benefit from countless insights into the principles of thinking, writing and public speaking, with the help of sparkling illustrations of every concept discussed in the text.

And much more! Whether you’re a practised professional or a beginner writer, Language with Altitude will transport you to new heights of creative and analytical writing.

Paddy Gormley has been writing professionally for more than forty years, with articles in publications as diverse as Music & Musicians and Financial Times. Three of his verse plays have been produced professionally in London theatres. He has extensive experience of teaching creative and analytical thinking and writing skills.

Further information

This event is taking place in the Cathedral Library which is accessed via our north entrance courtyard.

Doors open at 6.15pm.