In addition to our programme of RE trails and workshops, we offer for KS2: 

KS2: Religion in Roman Britain 

Archaeological digs in the local area have revealed numerous links between Southwark and the Romans.  A number of Roman artefacts were discovered in the Cathedral crypt.​

In an interactive trail, children will explore different aspects of life in Roman Britain, with a focus on religious beliefs and the rise of Christianity.​

An ideal partner for this is our Mosaics workshop.

KS2: Mosaics ​

After an introduction to the art of mosaic-making, children will make their own section of a mosaic design. 

To allow us to operate safely in our classroom setting, our maximum capacity for this workshop is 15 children.  If this workshop is paired with Religion in Roman Britain, we can accommodate 30 children for a day’s visit.

KS2: Monastic Life and the Reformation

From 1106-1539, there was a Priory on this site.  The religious community here not only looked after the church, but also worked to serve the needs of the local community.  Their works for the community included the founding of a hospital. 

However, in 1539, during the reign of Henry VIII, the Priory was surrendered.  The Prior, Bartholomew Linstead, and the other 12 men remaining in the religious community here were given pensions and left the Priory.

In this trail, children will engage in role play and take on the roles of historical figures as we explore the history of this place during a turbulent time in Britain’s religious history.  This trail can be paired with our Illuminated Manuscripts workshop.

KS2: Illuminated Manuscripts

After an introduction to the techniques used by mediaeval monks to created illuminated manuscripts, children will put some of these techniques into practice as they create their own illuminated manuscript inspired artwork.