If requested on your confirmation letter, please arrange in advance how your group will be divided into smaller working groups at the Cathedral.  Time is precious on the day!​

The Cathedral is first and foremost a place of worship.  We aim to give all groups the opportunity to experience awe and wonder when they visit the Cathedral, and would therefore be grateful if you could remind children of ‘appropriate’ behaviour (respectful and quiet) prior to your visit so that they can get the most out of their Cathedral experience​

  • Photography is permitted within the Cathedral and we do encourage you to photograph your group.  However,  please do be mindful of children who are likely to get distracted by photography, and support our staff and volunteers in ensuring that all children are engaged in the activity​
  • We request that headgear are removed in the Cathedral, unless worn for a religious or medical reason​
  • Prayers are said every hour in the Cathedral and we ask you to respect this practice and be still and quiet for approximately four minutes.  You are welcome to join in with the Lord’s Prayer when it is said​.
  • School staff and accompanying adults remain responsible for the welfare and behaviour of the group throughout their visit to the Cathedral.  Should there be an accident / health incident, please report it to Education Centre staff​
  • We advise you to bring a trained First Aider with you and a portable First Aid kit.  Ask Education Centre staff if you require a First Aider whilst in the Cathedral.  We cannot guarantee there will be one present at all times​
  • To comply with our safeguarding procedures, we request that all accompanying adults carry some form of school identification with them and that the lead teacher identify themselves to staff upon arrival at the Education Centre.

Please ensure that lavatory visits are supervised.  The Education Centre toilets are not used by members of the public, but we do expect school staff and accompanying adults to supervise children at all times. 

For further information and to enquire about booking a visit please contact the Education Centre by email or telephone 020 7367 6715.