Illuminated Letters | One Day Workshop

Art Heritage Special Event
  • Venue

    Southwark Cathedral

  • Time

    10:30 AM

  • Price

    £75 (plus booking fee)

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A one-day course on how to design, gild and paint illuminated letters

This one day ILLUMINATED LETTER COURSE FOR MANUSCRIPTS gives you an opportunity to learn different techniques of gilding letters in different styles and how to paint and decorate them.

During this workshop you will design, gild and paint your own illuminated letter.

Those attending will be using 23 carat gold leaf, polishing it to a high shine and working small (maximum paper size A6) so that the illuminated letters can be finished by the end of the workshop.

This course is suitable for students of all levels, and is taught by an experienced Iconographer and Illuminated Manuscript painter Hanna Ward.

Spaces are strictly limited.

Students are asked to bring along:

  • One good quality professional watercolour brush size1 (Windsor and Newton Series 7 or Rosemary's series 8).
  • An HB clutch pencil with rubber
  • Small ruler
  • Palette
  • Small sharp scissors

All the other materials required are included in the course.

Lunch will not be provided.

Your Tutor

This course is led by Iconographer & Manuscript painter Hanna Ward, who has researched and studied iconography and Orthodox Church painting under several masters from Greece, Russia, Romania, Finland and UK. She has a Masters Degree in Sacred Traditional Arts from Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London and she has finished the four year diploma studies in iconography and wall painting under iconographer Aidan Hart in Prince’s School’s Liturgical Arts Program.

Hanna is especially interested in Church wall painting and has been to Romania to research fresco painting under Church painter Adrian Iurco. Hanna has also assisted Aidan with the fresco of the Transfiguration at Leeds. She has also researched sacred geometry and underlying symbolism in Church architecture as she is an interior designer and has spent her working life in architectural design and drafting.

Having painted and taught traditional Folk Art for many years, she has has strong technical skills and a foundation for mastering complex icon and wall painting, which is now her calling and passion.

Hanna believes that when creating contemporary icons it is important to obey liturgical principles, whilst allowing creativity, in order to uphold this very special image of prayer.

Hanna teaches icon painting and works for commissions.

If you have any questions about this event please contact our Visitor Engagement Officer, Emily Thorne,