A Manifesto For Hope: Ten Principles for Transforming the Lives of Children

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Join us for an inspiring in-person event, "A Manifesto For Hope" with Revd Steve Chalke MBE

A Manifesto For Hope: Ten Principles for Transforming the Lives of Children and Young People with Steve Chalke in conversation with The Very Reverend Dr Mark Oakley, Dean of Southwark.

A Manifesto for Hope sets out ten tried-and-tested practical principles for how to develop joined-up, cost-effective, community-empowering work, gleaned from the hard-won experience that has sat at the heart of Steve Chalke's mission over the past four decades.

It's time to reimagine.

Our social care systems are failing us, struggling for funding, and failing to speak to one another. At the same time, we are side-lining our greatest national asset: its people - mums, dads, families, and other community members.

Steve demonstrates the stark choice facing us: keep pouring money into a faltering system, or reform and invest to improve people's lives. We need a new social covenant that empowers local charities, grassroots movements and faith groups - creating a more imaginative, more collaborative and less bureaucratic approach to community development - if we are going to transform the life chances of countless young people and families.

Steve Chalke calls for a radical reset. It's time for A Manifesto for Hope!

This is a book for anyone working with young people and the communities they belong to, and for those interested in social reform and transformation. Challenging and informing, A Manifesto for Hope comes from a heart dedicated to the service of that local community, written to support those that act every day to see something that has true life-changing impact in the places where it's most needed.

The Revd Steve Chalke, MBE is the founder of the Oasis Charitable Trust. He is also a former United Nations' Special Adviser on Human Trafficking, a British Baptist minister, a regular contributor and commentator on television, radio and other media, and the author of several bestselling books. Steve was installed as a Ecumenical Canon at Southwark Cathedral in 2017.