Southwark Cathedral hosts Anti-Slavery event

On Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November, Southwark Cathedral hosted a two-day Anti-Slavery event in partnership with The Clewer Initiative.

On Friday 25 November 2022, we welcomed the Mayor of Southwark, members of our secondary school pupils from across the Diocese and other guests to witness the unveiling of a new stained-glass window entitled “We See You“. 

Then, on Saturday 26 November, the Cathedral welcomed parishes and partners to learn and share how everyone can respond to the injustices of modern slavery. The event, led by the Bishop of Croydon featured the former Bishop of Derby, Alistair Redfern as guest speaker. Throughout the event visitors could attend seminars, take time for reflection. The event ended with a collective act of worship. 

Also at the event was The Clewer Initiative, an organisation which exists to raise awareness of modern slavery and encourage churches and communities to take action against it. Representatives from The Clewer Initiative were on hand to explain how simple reporting could be using specially developed mobile apps. These apps can help anonymously provide information to the police so those held in bonded labour can be set free. 

Modern day slavery is a scourge in the United Kingdom. It is believed that 135,000 people are held in some kind of bonded labour. Whether this is child labour, county lines drug-running, work in nail bars, beauty salons, farm working or car washes, it is all pervasive across our nation. 

Southwark Cathedral is part of the Community of the Cross of Nails, and sees responding to injustice through prayer and action as central to our mission. For more information about the Community of the Cross of Nails or to join the group, contact