This service will take place in the Cathedral and is in person only,

The Eucharist is the same as Holy Communion, Mass or The Lord’s Supper, which are different ways of describing the same service. We have at least one Eucharist every day at the Cathedral. It is the service in which Christians follow Jesus’ command to his disciples to share bread and wine in remembrance of him.

The service contains Bible readings and prayers, as well as the sharing of consecrated bread and wine, and everyone is sent out at the end to live and work to the praise and glory of God. Most weekday Eucharists are said, and last for about half an hour.

On Sundays the service includes a sermon, so it is about 10 minutes longer. All are welcome at the service, and if you don’t receive communion, you may still come forward to the celebrant for a prayer of blessing at that point of the service.