The Sixth Anniversary of the London Bridge Attack

On 3 June 2017 terrorists attacked the community around the Cathedral.

Eight people died, many others were injured and countless others were traumatised. The Cathedral building was damaged during the attack more more importantly the community we serve was scarred by the experience. On Saturday 3 June we will commemorate the sixth anniversary of the attack. 

9:30am | Eucharist Service followed by prayers at the Memorial Tree in the Churchyard

10:30am | gathering organised by Living Bankside at the Permanent Memorial to London Bridge Attack

Let us pray for those who died six years ago:

Christine Archibald
Sebastien Belanger
Kirsty Boden
Ignacio Echeverría
James McMullan
Alexandre Pigeard
Xavier Thomas
Sara Zelenak 

And for their families and friends and all who will be mourning them today.