Fr Fadi Diab to Preach

Southwark Cathedral will welcome guest preacher Fr Fadi Diab.

Southwark Cathedral is delighted to announce that Father Fadi Diab, Rector of St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Ramallah and St Peter’s, Birzeit, will be preaching at the 9am and 11am Eucharists on Sunday 17 March. Following the 11am Choral Eucarist there will be an opportunity to hear from Fr Fadi about the current situation in the Holy Land and the effect it is having on Christian communities.

Born and educated in the West Bank, Fr Fadi’s rich ministry includes a midweek youth service, Bible study, a Women’s group, Sunday school, and a new choir. He also provides leadership and pastoral support for St Andrew’s school, the Episcopal Vocation and Training Centre and in his sister Parish in Birzeit with a developing elderly home project. His vision includes supporting the Christian community in the Holy Land, enabling them to remain in the area and to continue witness to the Gospel of Christ.

Fr Fadi is a Founder of the Youth Connection for Peace Programme, a member of the Palestine-Israeli Theologians Forum and a member of the Palestine Advisory Council of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship. He has presented workshops at the World Council of Churches on the theological understanding of the Palestine Israeli conflict and spoken widely at churches in Europe and the USA.