Palm Sunday - Palm Procession and Choral Eucharist

The Proclamation of the Passion.

Meet in the Jubilee Market.


31 (9-16)


67; 511; 509; 90; 95


Missa Orbis factor (Plainsong)


Hosanna to the Son of David (Thomas Weelkes), Crucifixus (Antonio Lotti), Nolo mortem peccatoris (Thomas Morley)


A Choral Eucharist is the same as a said Eucharist, except with the addition of glorious organ music and choral pieces, hymns in which the congregation joins the singing, and a homily or sermon. This usually takes place on Sunday mornings and at other times on special festival days.

The Choral Eucharist is almost always located in the nave; the service lasts for a hour or more, depending on the choice of music and other elements of the service.