Palm Sunday - Choral Evensong

The Cathedral Choir sings the choral gem of the Book of Common Prayer on the day when we reflect upon the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem - on a donkey – and contemplate the coming days.




69 (1-19)


206; See printed sheet


Fourth service (Batten)


O Lord my God (Pelham Humfrey)

For many people, Choral Evensong according to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer is a treasure of Church of England liturgy. Its particular choral style is uniquely characteristic of the Anglican Church and draws its origins from the sung liturgies of monastic communities of the early centuries of the church’s life.

On weekdays the service lasts for about 40 minutes (on Sundays it might be 10 minutes longer, when there is a sermon). The service is enveloped by the music of organist and choir which sings verses from scripture, psalms, biblical songs (canticles) and an anthem. Our prayers are inspired and transported by the striking beauty of the words, silences and music, and we add our own voice in saying the Amens and in singing the hymn. It is an ideal way to mark the end of a busy day and the transition into the evening time.