Eucharist - Traditional Rite

University of London Church Choir


67; 66; 70; 306


Four –part mass (Byrd)


Angelis suis (Kathryn Rose), In lucem (Timothy Blinko)


The traditional rite Choral Eucharist is the first in our monthly pattern of Sundays at Southwark at Six (pm).

The description ‘traditional’ reflects the Elizabethan language, the way that the service is staged, and the fact that the choral music is often sung in Latin (with English translation), and was often composed in the 16th and 17th centuries. The shape of the service is thoroughly contemporary, however, and the combination evokes a sense of timelessness in the worship of God’s eternity, and our connection with those who have been worshipping God in this place for many centuries.

The service lasts for about an hour and takes place in the nave of the Cathedral.