Here you can find Sermons from some of the special and civic services - including Holy Week and Easter and Carol services - which take place at the Cathedral

30th Anniversary Marchioness Disaster

‘Many waters cannot quench love,’ are words from the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament and they are inscribed around the Marchioness memorial at the west end of the Cathedral, holding the names of those loved ones who died and the memories of that early morning 30 years ago

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London Bridge Attack Second Anniversary

Jesus is talking to his disciples and says to them something which is as powerful now as it must have been then. ‘You will know the truth,’ he says, ‘and the truth will make you free.’

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Funeral Service for Marion Marples

The Camino has been described as a journey of truth, an invitation to rediscover yourself through introspection and new encounters; changing habits that make you unhappy and building friendships. The Camino poses a single question to each of us. ‘Who are you?’

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