Each Lent since 1986, successive Bishops of Southwark have called the parishes of the Diocese to a time of prayer and contemplation, through the Lent Call

Over the years, these appeals have raised nearly £1,000,000 which has been shared with more than 150 projects, both in our own Diocese and in other parts of the Anglican Communion. We are grateful to all our churches and schools for their generous gifts and fundraising. It is good that we share what we have in this way. It is as important, though, that the Bishop’s Lent Call helps each of us to keep a holy and prayerful Lent as we consider our lives and how we can show our love for God to the world. 

As we spend time in prayer and contemplation this Lent, we hope that you will feel able to generously support the projects we have chosen this year here in the Diocese of Southwark and in the Holy Land, and our Link Dioceses in Zimbabwe. The theme for this year is food insecurity.

In his letter introducing this year's Lent Call, Bishop Christopher says:

For many in our communities and Link Dioceses, not having enough to eat is sadly and appallingly now a regular occurrence. I urge you all to pray for those in these situations and to consider prayerfully what you can give to help to support them.

More details can be found here with links as to how you can add your support here