Anglo Saxon Kingdoms - A Talk by Professor Jo Story

Talk Heritage Friends

In mid October, a major new exhibition on Anglo-Saxon England opens at the British Library.

Treasures on display will include the giant Codex Amiatinus bible, sent to the pope as a gift from the monks of Wearmouth-Jarrow in 716 and returning to these shores for the first time in over 1300 years, plus a number of objects from the extraordinary Staffordshire Hoard, discovered in 2009.

The Friends of Southwark Cathedral are delighted to welcome Professor Jo Story, academic advisor for the critically acclaimed exhibition currently at the British Library, for what promises to be an illuminating look at the history, art, literature and culture of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

Joanna Story is a British historian specializing in history of Anglo Saxon England. A professor of early medieval history at the University of Leicester, she has published a number of academic articles.

Joanna's "monograph Carolingian Connections: Anglo-Saxon England and Carolingian Francia, c. 750-870 was praised as "revealing, relevant, and a valuable contribution to medieval history and an extremely useful addition to the corpus of texts on this period in European history"