The Zoo: The Wild and Wonderful Tale of the Founding of London Zoo - A Talk by Isobel Charman

Heritage Talk
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    Cathedral Library

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    7:00 PM

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Isobel Charman will guide us through the early history of the Zoological Gardens in the Regents Park

From their establishment by the ZSL in 1826 to the mid-19th century. She'll introduce us to some of the famous figures involved in those years, from Stamford Raffles to Charles Darwin. Not to mention some of the animal residents, from the first hippo ever seen in Britain to Tommy the chimpanzee who was brought to London on the overnight coach from Bristol. She'll also take us to the rival institution south of the river, the Surrey Zoological Gardens in Walworth opened by the entrepreneur and former menagerie owner Edward Cross in 1831, when he saw how well the ZSL were doing. Cross's establishment was rather less restrained than the ZSL's, to say the least...

Isobel Charman is an award-winning television producer. She has spent the last decade working in factual TV production as a writer, researcher, producer and director and has worked on documentaries and drama-documentaries for UK, European, US broadcasters and cinema release.

This is a free event but please do register your interest as these events tend to 'sell' out.