The Sixteen - All the Ends of the World Concert

Gaia Music
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    7:00 PM

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    £10.00 - £30.00

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World renowned choral ensemble The Sixteen, violinist Lizzie Ball and videographer Heather Britton present a stunning concert experience exploring the impact of climate change

Against a stunning backdrop of evolving imagery from videographer Heather Britton, and free improvisation from violinist Lizzie Ball, world renowned choral ensemble The Sixteen perform music exploring the beauty of plainchant, the complexities of choral harmony and the ethereal power of polyphony.

Crafted to demonstrate the long lasting and dramatic effects of climate change and global warming, the concerts will explore our relationship with the planet we live on through an originally crafted video piece which interweaves with a specifically curated choral repertoire of powerful works by Padilla, Perotin and Sheppard.

This powerful and affecting 1 hour concert highlights Earth’s ever-changing landscape and the wounds of man-made destruction and asks audiences to reflect on their impact on the planet.

The performance also features a guest appearance from Luke Jerram’s GAIA, a slowly rotating, floating art installation reflecting the Earth’s surface, and designed to portray the beauty and true nature of our planet.

A Co-production between The Sixteen and Classical Kicks Productions.

Supported by the Genesis Foundation’s Genesis Kickstart Fund.