The Railway Adventures - A Talk by Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall

Talk Heritage

Southwark Cathedral are delighted to welcome Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall from All the Stations (YouTube transport experts and survivors of a crowd-funded trip to visit all the stations in the UK) for this talk on their first publication The Railway Adventures: Places, Trains, People and Stations.

The railways are one of our finest engineering legacies - a web of routes connecting people to each other and to a vast network of world-class attractions. It is also the best route to enjoying the landscape of Great Britain. 

At this special event you will discover the hidden stories that lie behind branch lines, as well as meeting the people who fix the engines and put the trains to bed. 

Embark on unknown routes, disembark at unfamiliar stations, explore new places and get to know the communities who keep small stations and remote lines alive.

The Railway Adventures: Places, Trains, People and Stations is released on the 16 October by September Publishing.

Ticket holders will be able to purchase a copy of The Railway Adventures at a discounted price and Vicki and Geoff will be signing copies.

Vicki Pipe is a museum education professional by trade, but also an artist and improviser. She has presented in videos for Londonist and on Geoff's YouTube channel on a range of topics from history to Harry Potter. She is passionate about the stories of people, social change and how the railways impact on our sense of space and surroundings.

Geoff Marshall is a freelance video producer making transport films for Londonist and his own YouTube channel. He is a tour guide for Hidden London, taking people inside abandoned tube stations, and has twice held the world record for travelling to all Underground stations in the fastest time possible.