The Merry Wives of Windsor - Outdoor Theatre

Theatre Outdoor
  • Venue

    Cathedral Churchyard

  • Time

    7:00 PM

  • Price

    £0.00 - £45.00

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We are delighted to welcome the Three Inch Fools for this production of William Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor

In the bustling village of Windsor, mischief is in the air. The ageing and arrogant Sir John Falstaff has fallen for two married women – Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. In a desperate bid to woo them he turns to quill and ink and sends them both the most flattering of letters. Shocked at his boldness and repelled by his advances, the pair nonetheless decide to make some mischief of their own. Meanwhile, Mistress Page’s daughter Anne is torn between marrying the man she loves, and the two suitors that her parents have lined up for her. Disguises, deception and trickery soon engulf the village of Windsor… and chaos naturally ensues.

Five actors, with all manner of musical instruments, present an inventive take on Shakespeare’s raucous comedy The Merry Wives Of Windsor. In this mischievous play, jealousy, disguise and seduction lead to hilarious and unexpected results. Prepare for a carnival of passion and imagination, as The Fools present this rip-roaring Shakespearean comedy, come rain come shine, in the great British outdoors! This Shakespearean classic will be getting the full Three Inch Fools treatment: live music-making, deft physicality and vibrant story-telling. Expect fast-paced drama, plenty of musical instruments and many a quick costume change along the way!