The Crossway - A Talk with Guy Stagg

Talk Heritage Pilgrimage

When Guy Stagg decided to walk from Canterbury to Jerusalem, he spent the next ten months following medieval pilgrim paths across 5,500 km

He began the journey after suffering several years of mental illness, hoping the ritual would heal him. Travelling alone and without support, he had to rely each night on the charity of strangers.

The Crossway is an account of Stagg’s extraordinary journey. It describes the dangers he faced on the road, captures the people he met and the landscapes he experienced, offers a unique insight into contemporary faith, and – most movingly – lays bare his struggle to escape the past and walk towards recovery.

Guy Stagg was born in 1988 and grew up in Paris, Heidelberg, Yorkshire and London.  He read English at Trinity College, Cambridge, and on graduating worked in politics.  Later he was assistant comment editor at the Daily Telegraph, and has written for the New Statesman and the Literary Review.