Peta Bridle - London Etchings

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    Lancelot Link

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    8:00 AM

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Peta Bridle has been making etchings of London for seven years

She uses a technique called dry-point etching where you draw onto a perspex sheet which becomes the plate from which she prints. Peta collects all her references from photos she takes. Peta makes very few prints from each plate as they wear out quickly (being plastic). This technique doesn't involve chemicals and the plates are made at home. They are then printed in a studio on a flat bed Victorian style press.

Peta likes to draw architecture, particularly derelict buildings which can be very beautiful and picturesque. She has recorded various streets, pubs and shops around Southwark and the East End of London. As is the nature of London, some of the views she has made have disappeared in the name of progress and regeneration. Peta finds it a joy to capture the vibrancy of London and its buildings.

The etchings on display here have all been published on the Spitalfields Life website, a daily blog about life in London, particularly around the East End.

(c) Peta Bridle