Only One | An installation by Adalberto Lonardi

Art Exhibition
  • Venue

    Southwark Cathedral

  • Time

    9:00 AM

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Only One is a modern tapestry conceived by Adalberto Lonardi.

Only One by Adalberto Lonardi and Letters of Creation, Christian Aid.

Only One is a modern tapestry conceived by Adalberto Lonardi as a celebration of the climate justice workshops developed and delivered by the Cathedral's Learning Centre in response to the Gaia installation last October. The workshops were delivered to children from schools across the Diocese in partnership with Letters of Creation (Christian Aid).

Only One is a digital collage created from a selection of 300 artworks drawn by the children with pastels and crayons. Common elements among the children pieces are included in the final artwork: a divided earth seen from space, an open eye, and juxtaposed sides of what the future of the planet with and without climate justice.

Only One is conceived as a tryptic and reads as follow. In the central panel, the split earth floats in the universe overcasted by a big eye symbolising both the necessity of a clear vision and the help from God to restore balance. A river running toward a sunset divides two worlds. On the right panel, the earth has been exploited, leaving humanity in a dry and unbearable environment. On the left panel instead, the earth is preserved and human, animals, and plants coexist, taking care of each other. Only One represents the choices we have while we look at our planet changing. 

Adalberto said:

“I want to summarise the children’s drawings in a unique view where this contrast is evident and may trigger some thoughts and emotions in the minds of the viewers.”

Only One earth, Only One choice.

With thanks to pupils from:

  • All Saints Benhilton CE Primary, Sutton
  • Cathedral School, Southwark
  • St James’ Hatcham CE Primary. Lewisham
  • St Matthew’s CE Primary, Redhill
  • St Mary’s Lewisham CE Primary
  • St Martin the Fields High School
  • Trinity St Mary’s CE Primary, Balham