Nest | Angela Wright

  • Venue

    Southwark Cathedral Herb Garden

  • Time

    9:00 AM

A new art installation for London Festival of Architecture.

This June, a large nest made from reflective wire will be installed in a branch junction of the huge plane-tree in our herb garden.

Garden access is via the Cathedral or can be seen from the high pavement of London Bridge approach.

The artist, Angela Wright, says:

Nesting is something we have ‘in common’.  We animals nest to protect us and our 'eggs'... an enclosure for nurturing families.  Nests are architectural in construction and use. Birds may use twigs, weaving them one by one into a sustainable nest; distinctive in design according to species & habitat. There are high rise nests, or those on water’s edge, in a colony inside a hedgerow, or on a cliff face and there are squatters who build no nest at all.

Mine is a mental nest.

'Nest' is part of London Festival of Architecture.