Nature and Nature Morte - An Exhibition by Linda Douthwaite

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    10:00 AM

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My paintings are influenced by a number of interests – from ecological environments and the botanical studies of artists accompanying early explorers, to surrealism, symbolism and oriental art.  There is a sense of discovery in drawing plein air - watching and drawing natural form and engaging in the flow and line of growth – being a participant in nature not just an observer. 

In Still Life allegory I seek to create a slightly unsettling image, by juxtaposing found objects, “curiosities” of the natural world and memento mori objects - such as the clock - which symbolize transience of life.  The insects included were drawn at the Natural History Museum.

The combination of both structure, and tension created between the objects by this chance arrangement of disparate objects helps to establish an image of both energy and equilibrium.

This exhibition runs from 9 June - 6 July and is held in the Refectory Cafe.