My Sour-Sweet Days: Poetry of George Herbert - A Talk by Canon Mark Oakley

Lent Talk Spirituality
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Lent 2020 talk

George Herbert is one of the great 17th century poet-priests. His poems embrace every shade of the spiritual life, from love and closeness, to anger and despair, to reconciliation and hope. And his work is always rich with audacious playfulness: he seems to take God on, knowing God will win, as if he's having an argument with a faithful friend he is confident is not going to leave. In much of theology and spirituality, God is a critical spectator to human lives, but for Herbert, his sense of relationship with God is primarily of a friendship that can never be broken.

These are some of the themes Mark Oakley explores in this outstanding book. He offers a poem for every day in Lent, with a 2-page commentary on each of the 40 included.

Canon Mark Oakley is Dean of St John’s College, Cambridge.

He is an acclaimed speaker and writer on various issues including poetry, literature, spirituality and human rights. He is an Ambassador for Stop Hate UK, a trustee of the Civil Liberties Trust and a patron of Tell MAMA which counters hate crime against Muslims. He is the author of many popular books including The Splash of Words and The Collage of God.