Music Recital - Nataliya Kartasheva

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Anitra's Dance

It won’t be a typical concert. 3 centuries, 3 composers, all from different countries, 3 pieces - and yet, all of them are somehow connected to dances. “How?” - you will find out on Tuesday 9 October.

Aria variata alla maniera italiana - one of the most exquisite creations of Bach. Dreamy, heartfelt aria theme is developed through 10 variegated variations written in old italian style concert traditions. The influence of Italian music can be seen in light airy texture, brilliant virtuoso passages and connection with folk music.

Claude Debussy. Suite "Pour le piano" -
one of the most famous pieces by Debussy. He composed this piece in his mature period. Debussy harmoniusly combines traditions of impressionism and new for that time neoclassic style. This way it both reminds the audience of the Moonlight motives and opens Debussy’s work from the other side. The Suite contains 3 movements:
The 1st is “perpetuum mobile” Prelude, the 2nd - dreamy, but deep and majestic Sarabande and, in the end, brilliant virtuoso Toccata.

Edvard Grieg. Suite "Peer Gunt" n.1.
One of the most beloved pieces over the world. It was written according to the self-titled play by Henric Ibsen. You will listen 4 movements: "Morning mood", " Ase's death", "Anitra's dance" and "In the Hall of the Mountain King".

Recent achievements:

International music competition "Fermata" (Moscow, 2017, winner)
International piano competition by Janis Norvilis ( Latvia, 2017, laureate)
International piano competition "Clavis" (St Petersburg, 2017, laureate)
International piano competition "Clavis Bavaria" (Reichersbeuern, 2018, 1st prize and special prize)