Murder, Sex and Mayhem in English Churches - A Talk by John Vigar

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    Southwark Cathedral

  • Time

    2:30 PM

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    £10 (plus booking fee)

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From peace and serenity to murder and mayhem, join John Vigar for a deep dive into England's parish churches.

Like most people John enjoyed the peace and serenity offered by our parish churches, but having visited and recorded over 12,000 of them he has found they also contain countless images of Murder, Sex and Mayhem.

Medieval murals and stained glass depict the martyrdom of saints from home and abroad, and the grisliest of dooms. At a lower level may be found misericords showing whippings, wife beatings, and brawls.

Finally there are many monuments and memorials that show scenes of murder and mayhem in goodly measure including stagecoach crashes, bridge collapses, falling trees, falling bridges, falling chimneys, shootings, stabbings, mine collapses, shipwrecks and explosions. This digital lecture will show a selection of images of murder and mayhem from across the country and explain both the stories behind them and their relevance to particular periods of history.