London Panoramas - An Exhibition by John Duffin

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    10:00 AM

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Free exhibition by award-winning artist John Duffin

This exhibition by acclaimed artist John Duffin shows panoramic views across London from high points around the city showing the architectural skyline against dramatic dusks.  John Duffin makes drawings and colour studies outside and then works on them as oils paintings in his studio, trying to capture the wide angle excitement of the city and his memories and associations with it over 30 years.

(c) John Duffin

John Duffin was born in Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria and worked as a Ship’s Draughtsman at Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering before studying at Goldsmiths College with the BritArt generation and taking an MA in Printmaking at Central St Martins School of Art.  John is a member of Royal Society of Painter Printmakers who has shown extensively both in London and closer to home.

Having spent almost equal lengths of time in a small northern town and in London, John Duffin’s work speaks of his experiences of both places, and of the struggle of man against an often domineering urban environment.

He is influenced by cinema and comic books, and his works posess a noirish quality reflected in the harsh shadow, lamplight and imposing architecture which seem to overwhelm the recurring figures.