'Library' by Sarah Christie

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    Lancelot's Link

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    10:00 AM

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‘Library’ holds a collection of words that break boundaries, and is an ongoing attempt to give voice, beginning at the pivotal moment of' the UK’s 'Brexit' referendum.

In Ancient Greece, people voted by writing on 'ostraca', or potsherds, which is where we get the word 'ostracise' from. The public have been invited to select an ostracon - sherds made by hand from a hundred and fifty cast bowls - and offer their own words that break boundaries. 

Many languages are represented, and reflect changing sentiments during and after the EU referendum on 23 June. Some are hopeful and affirming, others are questioning, fearful, doubtful, optimistic, conciliatory. Together they form a permanent record of an unsettling, apprehensive and as yet unresolved period of time. 

The Library has now grown though public participation to nearly 2000 contributions, a selection of which are shown here.

Sarah Christie is an artist working in clay, textiles and drawing. Her work is often concerned with tactility and embodiment, fractures and traces. She teaches within medical education, and has an interdisciplinary interest in art in health care.

She is also co-founder of Deliberate Cities, a artist-led collaborative project that responds to public and urban spaces using senses and the body as a tool for investigation.