Inclusive Drinks Bible Hour with Peterson Toscano


Fresh from Greenbelt 2018 and his recent UK tour, Peterson presents a LGBTQ+ Friendly Bible Hour.

Peterson Toscano, who describes himself as quirky queer Quaker performance artist and scholar from the USA, will be joining us at Southwark Cathedral Inclusive Drinks to host The LGBTQ+ Friendly Bible Hour. In this lively presentation, Peterson Toscano reveals bizarre, hilarious, disturbing, and revelatory characters and moments from the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.  

This is not “What does the Bible say about homosexuality?” No, Peterson delves into the texts to find gender outlaws, to bust open traditional readings, and provide whole new perspectives. 

If you want to hear something fresh and new about old Bible stories and also experience outright weird and hysterical performance art, come see Peterson in action.