Hands On Thames Archaeology

Larking Special Event
  • Venue

    Lancelot Link

  • Time

    11:00 AM

  • Price

    FREE (No need to book)

Join our Thames Archaeologist Mike Webber and mudlark without the mud!

  • Get your hands on the past and slip on a thimble, last used by a tailor or dressmaker more than 150 years ago, or play with the toys dropped by Victorian children. 
  • Look straight into the eyes of The Bearded Man, who used to decorate Tudor witch bottles, or toss (very carefully) an Elizabethan coin, minted in silver around 350 years ago. 
  • See if your fingers fit the marks left by Medieval potters more than 500 years ago or  try on a brooch, last worn by a Roman Londoner 2000 years back. 
  • Examine the print left by a small Roman dog in the wet clay of a tile before it was finished, or get a grip on a Stone Age axe, made more than 5000 years ago, and feel the smoothness of it’s highly polished surface.
  • Get close up and personal with the people of London’s past, and hear the stories that these, and many more, wonderful artefacts can tell. 

Everyone welcome and all specific needs provided for as best we can.

Mike will be at the Cathedral on the following dates between 11am - 3pm and there is no need to book in advance.

  • Wednesday 18 August
  • Friday 20 August
  • Saturday 21 August

Mike Webber is a community archaeologist, educator, and curator. He co-ordinated the Thames Archaeological Survey 1995-2000 and now specialises in the archaeology of the River Thames. The focus for this work has been the artefacts, particularly pot sherds, found on the Thames beaches. Recent work with ceramic artists and makers has led Mike to explore the archaeological and historical evidence for the people who made these artefacts and the techniques that they used to make and decorate them.

Thank you to the good people at Clayground Collective for the photo of Mike.