Exhibition - The Edge of the World by Paul Chatenay

  • Venue

    Lancelot's Link

  • Time

    10:00 AM

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The subject of this mixed media exhibition is Christian history by local mixed media artist Paul Chatenay

The impact of this theme is timeless, displayed in many techniques with reference to many historical moments and archeological times.

A mix of media takes everything from fragments of ancient ceramics and metal found in the River Thames to gold leaf and all of these artefacts construct this art form.

Not wanting to follow any particular form of modern art I decided to ignore the usual guiding lights of the establishment. From that point there was an urgency to continue and produce works of my own desire and interest. I am not sure where my journey will take me but I am sure that years of experience have brought me to this point.

It is difficult to generalise about the works I have done; I have used many styles since for me there is no overriding direction for artists to follow.

This journey started in Sydney, Australia. Since then, exhibitions around the world leading to London.