Cemeteries and Burial Grounds: A Day of Talks

Heritage Talk
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It is with regret that this event has had to be cancelled. If you purchased a ticket via Eventbrite we will be in touch regarding issuing refunds.

Cemeteries and burials grounds are curious spaces with lots of stories to tell whether that's looking at who was buried there, how they were buried and how those spaces came about. These talks are a gentle step into the history and heritage of burial spaces.

Our speakers include:

Lucy Talbot: St Saviour's Black Flag: Crossbones Graveyard and The Church

The Church's history with Crossbones Graveyard is usually confined to some distant past. The myth that this is the final resting place of the Winchester Geese, sex workers licensed by the Bishop of Winchester yet denied Christian burial, is just the beginning of a long and complex story. Lucy will bring this story to light, by presenting her PhD research. Which traces this contentious relationship through time to present day.

Lucy has just completed her PhD examining the Crossbones Graveyard in Southwark, London, where she also volunteers and advocates for it's protection.


Brian Parsons: A look at London’s Cemeteries

There are over 150 cemeteries in the London area. Opening from the 1830s, most are owned by local authorities, but a handful are within the remit of private companies and also religious organisations. They are all different in terms of size, landscape and the memorials they contain. This illustrated presentation will give an insight into their heritage and diversity.

Brian Parsons is the co-author (with Hugh Meller) of the forthcoming sixth edition of London Cemeteries: An Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer. He is also the author of Committed to the Cleansing Flame: The Development of Cremation in Nineteenth Century England and The Undertaker at Work: 1900-1950. www.brianparsons.org.uk

Jean Sprackland: These Silent Mansions - A Life in Graveyards

Graveyards are oases: places of escape, peace and reflection. Liminal sites of commemoration, where the past is close enough to touch. Yet they also reflect their living community - how in our restless, accelerated modern world, we are losing our sense of connection to the dead.

Jean Sprackland - the prize-winning poet and author of Strands - travels back through her life, revisiting her once local graveyards. In seeking out the stories of those who lived and died there, remembered and forgotten, she unearths what has been lost.