Blessing of the River Thames

Special Service
  • Venue

    London Bridge

  • Time

    12:45 PM

  • Price


Annual blessing of the river

This service is shared with the Parish of St Magnus the Martyr which stands at the alignment of the medieval bridge on the north side of the River Thames.  Processions leave both the Cathedral and St Magnus' at about the same time and meet in the centre of the bridge which is both the diocesan and Cathedral parish boundary.  It has to be remembered that the medieaval bridge was not just a roadway but a place on which people lived and traded and worshipped and so was a real part of both of our parishes and both parishes have the ongoing pastoral care for users of the bridge and of the river it crosses continues to this day.
Prayers will be offered for all those who use the bridge or ply the waters.
This year there will be a separate ceremony for the Removal of Flowers laid after the Fishmongers' Hall and London Bridge terrorist attack which took place on 29 November at the Monument at 12.30pm, at which the Cathedral clergy and congregation of St Magnus the Martyr will be present.  All are welcome to attend.