Between the Covers - A Talk by Guy Rowston

Talk Heritage Friends

Hosted by The Friends of Southwark Cathedral

Behind locked grilles in the Cathedral Library is a small but interesting collection of antique books.

The oldest volume dates from 1545. The centrepiece of the collection is a significant number of the works of Lancelot Andrewes with a first edition of his collected sermons in its original binding and another copy from the library of Charles I.

There’s a history printed by the 17th century printer Christopher Plantin and an elegant New Testament using John Baskerville’s typeface. There’s an 18th century guidebook to the church and a cautionary tale of ‘The Mousetrap Maker and the income tax supposed by anticipation to be written in the year 2000’ and on the way, we look at binding and the skilful art of marbling.

Coffee will be served at 10.45 with the illustrated talk by our knowledgeable friend and Southwark Cathedral Historian and Archivist Guy Rowston, beginning at 11.00am.

After the talk a light lunch will be available.