Between Realism & Fantasy - By Peter Li

  • Venue

    St Francis and St Elizabeth Chapel

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    8:00 AM

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Between Realism & Fantasy by acclaimed photographer Peter Li

Photographer Peter Li uses panoramic photography to introduce a new perspective to the already breathtaking architecture of churches from around the world. By capturing the entirety of the ceiling and supporting columns, Li allows the viewer to get the chance to feel what it is like to stand at the center of these grand buildings, while also achieving a viewpoint that is impossible to get without digital intervention.

One of the many stand-out aspects of the photographs is the symmetry that is highlighted when a chapel’s interior is stretched. This element is what gives the composition its overall balance. Lighting factors and the season are also a key parts that make a panorama more compelling to shoot. Shapes and shadows appear differently in each space depending on where the sun might be overhead, and when in a certain position, this can be quite disruptive to the photograph.

Peter's three photographes are called;

Dahlia - The Crossing

Anvil - The Quire (Candlelit)

Hephaestus - The Nave

Peter Li is an award-winning photographer based in London.  His architectural artwork received first place in the Architecture Category at the Epson International Pano awards 2018 and was commended at the Sony World Photography Awards 2018.  His work has featured in The Sunday Times, Time Out London and in various photography and art publications.

To find out more about Peter and his amazing photography please visit his website here

(c) Peter Li