God is No Thing: Coherent Christianity - A Talk by Rupert Shortt


‘… a powerful indirect commendation of Christian faith … [T]his is an excellent book, spirited, lucid and plainspoken without losing generosity. It deserves a place alongside the best of the recent crop of intelligent responses to the New Atheism.’ — Rowan Williams, The Guardian

Although parts of the Western world now appear almost totally secularised, Christianity remains the most potent worldview on earth alongside Islam. In this compelling book, Rupert Shortt gracefully argues that Christianity is a much more coherent, progressive body of belief - philosophically, scientifically and culturally - than often supposed by its critics. Alert to the menace posed by religious fundamentalism, as well as to secularist blind spots, he shows how a self-critical faith is of huge consequence to wider human flourishing, including through promoting peace and environmental sustainability.

Rupert Shortt is Religion Editor of The Times Literary Supplement and a former Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford. He writes for The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and the London Evening Standard, among other publications. His books include Christianophobia: A Faith under Attack, Rowan's Rule: The Biography of the Archbishop, Rowan Williams: An Introduction, God's Advocates: Christian Thinkers in Conversation, and Benedict XVI: Commander of the Faith.