What's on now and forthcoming exhibitions on display in the Refectory

Au Revoir by Various Artists

22 June - 26 July

This, the final exhibition in the Refectory Gallery, brings together pictures by some of the artists whose work has featured here during the 16 years since our first show in 2003.

In this time a wide variety of work by more than 200 artists has been seen and enjoyed by members of the Cathedral community and by thousands of visitors to the Cathedral and the Refectory. There have been exhibitions by individual artists, by groups and societies, by colleges and local schools.

We have shown work by artists whose reputations have already been well established - prints by John Duffin and Tammy Mackay can be seen in this year’s Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy. We have also given the chance to exhibit to young or developing artists whose careers have taken off after the exposure of their work in the Refectory. We are pleased to have helped Peta Bridle and Nicky Nicholls among others to establish their growing reputations.

We have much valued our regular collaborations with fantastic organisations like Crisis at Christmas, the Society of Disabled Artists, Cafe Art and many others.

With a changes coming up in the Refectory at the end of July the Gallery will cease to be and this important contribution to the artistic, cultural and community life of Southwark will have run its course. We have enjoyed our time here and wish all our artists well.