Christmas always brings with it a variety of challenges – will the dinner be ok; will so-and-so like their present; will everyone get on; will it snow? It’s all part and parcel of what is a very important part of the year to people of faith and of no faith. In truth we have such great and probably unrealistic expectations of what Christmas can deliver. But this year will be like no other.

The challenges we face in 2020 are manifold and unclear. None of us can predict what situation and restrictions will face us this year. We fear that we will be isolated, unable to share even a meal with family and friends. The normal bonhomie will be replaced by social distancing and fancy hats by fancy masks.

But in all the uncertainty there is one certainty, that God is with us. That should give us comfort and joy. It is ‘Comfort & Joy’, words from a popular Christmas carol, that is the theme of the season for all the churches of our country and at Southwark Cathedral we will be offering a celebration which is characterised by these principles. And we invite you to share in it with us.

These are the special services and events that will be happening and we want you to be with us in all of it, either in the Cathedral or online. We can make this a Christmas not to forget for the very best reasons.

The Very Reverend Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark