KS1: Exploring Christian Symbols through the Five Senses

Using their senses to experience the Cathedral building, children will explore key features of the Cathedral and learn about how these link to Christian beliefs.  ​

An ideal partner for this is our Candle Making workshop.​

KS2: Exploring Christian Symbols 

An interactive tour of the Cathedral, giving children the opportunity to explore key Christian symbols and their significance.  Children will have the opportunity to engage with the symbolism surrounding Baptism and the Eucharist, as well as discovering what makes the Cathedral a cathedral and learning about the Cathedral as a living place of worship.​

An ideal partner for this is our Clay Tiles workshop.

Candle and candle holder making 

Candles are often used in prayer, and light is an important Christian symbol.  In this hands-on workshop children will have the opportunity to roll their own beeswax candle and create a clay holder for it.

Clay Tile making 

Using a range of clay-working techniques, children will create a clay tile showing a key Christian symbol.  Creating an accompanying display card will give children the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their chosen symbol and its significance to Christians.