An invitation to reflect on how much you value belonging to our Cathedral and to review your own commitment to our ministry and mission

Every January, as a Cathedral community, we reflect on how much we value belonging to our Cathedral and to review our own commitment to the Cathedral’s ministry and mission.

As a result of your generosity in 2017 we

  • are paying all staff directly employed by the Cathedral at least the London Living Wage (currently £10.20 per hour). This is a working out of our desire to be a place of inclusion, and was implemented following a request from the Annual Congregational Meeting. However, the recent increase in the LLW rate was 4.5% which is substantially above inflation.  We need your congregational support to enable us to afford pay rises for seven of our staff who are paid at, or just above, that rate which is more than we budgeted for in 2018.
  • are contributing £34,000 this year to the diocese for our third year as part of the Parish Support Fund, having increased this by 11% on last year, in line with most other parishes in the Diocese. This demonstrates our commitment to play a full part in the life of our diocese, supporting ministry in parishes less able to pay the cost.
  • are continuing to build up our reserves which should be equivalent to 4-6 months’ expenditure. We currently have reserves of only 3 months expenditure.
  • are working on access issues at the Cathedral so that we can be more inclusive. Initially this will be step-free access to the west end of Lancelot’s link.
  • continue to be committed to giving 10% of our collections to mission and charities here in the UK and overseas.
  • continue to be a place of worship, peace and hope to the many visitors, seekers and pilgrims who come to our Cathedral every day of the year. 

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