Southwark Diocese Spirituality Day - To be a Pilgrim

Join us at the Cathedral on Saturday 19 October for a day conference of prayer and reflection. We will consider what it means to be a pilgrim on the Christian journey – in your heart, in your head or on your feet

Prayer … the heart in pilgrimage 

George Herbert

Keynote Speakers
Dr Meg Warner, who is an Old Testament scholar and author of books on Abraham

Bishop Christopher Chessun, who has been Bishop of Southwark since 2011


Some of these workshops run in the morning; some in the afternoon. You will be asked to choose workshops on the Checkout page when you book your ticket. Each workshop has limited places, so you need to book in advance to secure the workshops you want to attend.

Hospitality on the journey
Meg Warner - Meeting God through hospitality, with a focus on Genesis 18-19

On the go with God
Audrey Hamilton -Using your daily commute as a time of encounter with God

Walking the Labyrinth
Kay Barrett -A labyrinth has been used since the 4th century as a support for prayer

Danced prayer
Heather Williams - Simple dances, taught and used prayerfully right here in the cathedral

Prayer Walk
Mandy Vasey - A solo walk of prayer around the area, following directions from a printed guide

The Experience of Pilgrimage
Bishop Christopher Chessun - The bishop reflects on pilgrimages he has taken and how he met God on the journey

Hearing God’s Call
Raewynne Whiteley - Hearing God’s call and taking the next step on life’s journey

Spiritual direction; A Companion for the Journey
Nim Njuguna - Spiritual direction as a way of sharing life’s sacred journey with a soul friend

Celtic pilgrimage: Connecting people and place
Nick Mayhew-Smith - The Harmonious Relationship Between Humans and God’s creation in Early British Christianity

Creativity as Pilgrimage
Dawn Pointing and Nicola Mason - A hands-on exploration of creativity as an expression of prayer

Organising a Pilgrimage
Richard Jeffries Where, why, who and how? A practical guide to organising a pilgrimage

Thomas Merton: Humility as the gateway to spiritual transformation
Ian Mobsby - An exploration of a more missional way of engaging with group meditation

“I taught you to walk”
Antonia Lynn - Tracing your life story as a pilgrimage and finding God’s footprints

Walking the Camino
Stories from a pilgrim about Spain’s much-travelled Camino de Santiago de Compestela

How Lovely on the Mountains
Peter Graystone - A Bible exploration about feet and walking

All this will take place in the context of uplifting worship.

Prayer stations and a marketplace of stalls will be open throughout the day.

Tickets cost £8.00 from here.   The price rises to £10.00 on the door if you have not booked in advance.

The day will begin with refreshments. Lunch is not included in the price. You are welcome to bring your own, to visit the Cathedral’s Cafe, or to choose from the many food stalls in neighbouring Borough Market.