Southwark Cathedral Mission Allocation

Southwark Cathedral Mission Allocation (of collections made in 2018) Report

Each year the Chapter gives 10% of the planned giving that we receive from the Cathedral congregation to those groups, charities and projects that are recommended to us by the congregation or who approach us directly for help.

The Mission Allocation Group seeks a good balance amongst those we support and use the ‘Five Marks of Mission’ as a guide to help with this. The allocation from last year was £27,690; 10% has been kept in reserve to enable us to respond to emergency appeals.

The balance allocated is £24,921 which is being distributed in nine shares worth £2,769 each to the the following charities:

Manna Society Support in Southwark

For homeless people; links with the Robes Project.

USPG United Society – Partners in the Gospel

An Anglican mission society supporting churches around the world in their mission to bring fullness of life to the communities they share.

Church Army

The Church Army’s vision is for everyone, everywhere to encounter God’s love and be empowered to transform their communities through faith in shared words and action.


XLP is working to create positive futures for young people living in inner cities and to make a serious and sustainable impact upon poverty and educational failure.

Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital, Nepal

The Hospital provides compassionate, high quality, preventative, curative and rehabilitative health care. African Prison Project The Charity’s vision is to empower changemakers within prisons – prisoners and prisoner staff – who will use the law to bring justice to some of the world’s most vulnerable, through the Justice Changemaker programme.

Ascension Trust

Ascension Trust is a Christian interdenominational organisation with a passion to empower individuals to work together with their local community and nation – to contribute positively to society and to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Eco Church

The charity provides a free online survey and supporting resources which are designed to equip churches to express care for God’s world through worship and teaching; in how buildings and land are looked after; engaging with the local community and in global campaigns and in the personal lifestyles of their congregations. Southwark Cathedral is working for an Eco Church silver award at present. This charity was nominated by Marion Marples as a cause that was very dear to her.

Joliba Trust

The Joliba Trust works among rural villages in Mali with the aim of sustaining and improving rural livelihoods, and thereby reducing hunger and malnutrition in one of the toughest environments in the world.

Additional Allocation (Backlog) Subsequent to the allocation being made as above, the Cathedral Accountant informed the Chair (Canon Precentor) that there existed a sum of money still unallocated from the period 2007–2015, amounting to £7,014.52. The Mission Allocation Group, therefore, divided the sum into three roughly equal parts and revisited the General Notices nineteen nominated charities from this year. The additional allocation is as follows:

Society of St Francis – £2,338.17

The Hilfield Community seek to nurture and share the Franciscan values of justice, peace and the integrity of creation. They offer hospitality to people of different faiths and no acknowledged faith and work for a more gentle and respectful care for the earth.

Hospice Africa Uganda (HAU) – £2,338.17

HAU provides a comprehensive medical, psychosocial and spiritual service to Ugandan communities in Kampala, Mbara and Hoima. It has also founded an educational institute teaching palliative care for sub-Saharan Africa.

Power the Fight – £2,338.18

Power the Fight’s key aims are to educate, equip, engage and enable Church and Community Groups to be part of the solution to youth violence.