Service of Light for Remembrance

The Service of Light is the second in our monthly pattern of Sundays at Southwark at Six

It is held in the retrochoir starting at 6pm and lasts for about 40 minutes. 

In this service we draw on that part of the Iona Community’s Rule which is a commitment to justice, peace and the integrity of creation.

We celebrate that God wills for the world peace with justice, known in the Middle East as ‘Shalom’ or ‘Salaam’. This is not an abstraction or something only possible in another world or eternity, but a real hope for this place and time. This justice is proclaimed by the Law and the Prophets, and is embodied in Jesus. It flows from the simple fact that God loves the world. When what God loves is threatened, those who love God cannot remain neutral.

The Community lists Environmental Stewardship amongst its ‘Commitments to Action for Justice and Peace’. It is a radical movement and organisation, committed to living out the Christian faith in this and other areas of life.  For more information about the Iona Community, please visit their website here

“God calls humanity to care for Creation. Throughout the ages, the Christian church has not always paid due attention to this divine expectation. But in recent years, with the threat and experience of climate change, we cannot, in prayer or action, be neutral.”

The Iona Abbey Worship Book, page 165

The service brings together words, silence, a short reflection and singing with the lighting of candles. The music is led by a small music group.

All are welcome to join us.